Una nuova minaccia

Cow-t 10. M1 A. SAFE.
Parole: 345.
Prompt: COWTverse.
Fandom: COWTverse.

“I don’t know Giaurizio doesn’t sound right to me.” Shannen and Langley were curled around Celes on the big couch in their room. They were so busy lately that it felt good to finally have a quiet moment to think about names for the babies.
“You are picking names?” Said Manila entering the room with a warm smile.
The royal threesome didn’t answer right away. The three of them exchanged looks acting like if they had been caught with their hands in the cookie’s jar.
“…Right,” said Celes closing the big book they were consulting and covering with his hands.
But he wasn’t fast enough and Manila read the title.
“Nice names for ships?” She read out aloud with and adorable frown. “I don’t know if you can name a baby after a ship, how can you came up with this idea.”
Celes’s eyes wandered around asking for help but Langley seemed suddenly very interested on the carpet’s pattern and Shannen was examinating his fingernails.
“If you need ideas I can point you to some interesting books in the library,” she said clueless.
“Yeah, that would be great, thanks!”
They spoke some more and in the end Manila wish them good night before leaving.
“Do you tink she realized?” Asked Shannen.
“If she didn’t probably is going to came out at some point,” said Langley tender.
“Just wait for the day she is going to tell to our babies that they had been named thinking about how their ship could be called.”
“Talking about that,” said Langley drapping an arm around him, “I was thinking that if we name them Gianfredo and Laurizio the ship could also be called Lanfredo.
Celes light up, his shame forgotten.
“I love it!” He said.
“And can make a great name itself when we need to call them! Lanfredo!” Said Shannen, rolling the name in his mouth as he was tasting it.
Celes laid one hand on his stomach were the two small bundles of energy pulsed as if they could heard them.
“Then is decided, Gianfredo and Laurizio!”

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