Two faces of the coin

Cow-t 10. M1B. NSFW.
Parole: 260.
Prompt: COWTverse.
Fandom: COWTverse.
TAG: Twincest.

Gianfredo was the one twin always overlooked from his friends. It didn’t come as a surprise when your brother was Laurizio. He was beautiful with his dark raven hair and his intense gaze, naturally charismatic and good in everything, he attracted people like honey do with bees.

As it was very common in fiction, one may think that Gianfredo was jealous of him and that he may resent him. Nevertheless, it was a wok of fiction and nothing could have been most far from the true he thought as he and Laurizio kissed.

He was laying on his back as they swetly made love in their room at the castle. His perfect brother could have anyone in the pliverse but he wanted him. The second guessed brother, the one with plate blond hair and no sense for look.

Gianfredo had been insecure when they first became lovers, but that had been a long time ago. Laurizio professed his love for him every day as he promised and he took any chance to demonstrated it.

Everyone came second for him and Gianfredo didn’t need anything else.

They moaned together as they came closer to the edge. They orgasmed together, Laurizio was master also in timing their orgasm, starts knew how he did it. He kissed him all over his face making Gianfredo giggling and as they lay together, their limbs tangled he held him tight as he murmured between his hair: “I love you more than life.”

Gianfredo’s world was under those blankets and he was more than happy like that.

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