They were somenthing

Missione 7: prompt 006

Rating: giallo

Parole: 539

Derek checked himself in the mirror. He forgot last time he put so much effort into dressing up. He had a tight shirt and his beloved leather jacket. He went the extra mile buying a pair of designer jeans which made his ass look amazing. 

Just because he was hot it didn’t mean he wouldn’t do everything in his very power to look at the best of his possibilities.

The explanation was easy.

Stiles was coming back.

He left years before to join FBI training and for some reason or another, he didn’t come back to Beacon Hills until the very end. Derek knew that Scott was going there once in a while and that the sheriff went to the big city every Thanksgiving, but their path didn’t meet until today. 

Before Stiles left they had a thing. Just a thing, they never bother with naming it, because there was no need. It happened naturally, One day they were dancing around each other and the day after they were in bed, their breath short. 

When Stiles left Derek went to him in the middle of the night, they had sex slowly and for a long time, without speaking. Derek left in the morning and they didn’t text each other. Derek had some flies in these years and probably Stiles did as well. Derek didn’t like the idea of someone else touching him but he wasn’t such a fool to trying caging Stiles. 

But no it was over.

You’ll be back, soon you’ll see, you’ll remember you belong to me.-

At the party find Stiles was easy, everyone was crowding around him. The skinny teenage boy was long gone, leaving behind this man which finally filled his clothes all in the right place. Even his posture was different: his back straight and his smile confident.

Derek took his time before approaching, he enjoyed watching him reconnect with his friend from his corner. 

He didn’t make a move until Stiles noticed him.

Then the guy seems to forget about everything. He walked toward him with a sly smile. His eyes were deep with promises about what it was going to be.

Derek meets him midway, realizing only last second that he had no idea about what to say. Luckily Stiles had everything under control.

He took Derek face between his hands and kissed him. 

In front of everyone.

Derek’s hands found his hips and he crocked his head to deepen the kiss. 

A lot of stuff changed but not his smell. Derek scented him deeply, enjoying the sense of familiarity. 

“Welcome back.” He said on his lips.

“Happy to be here.” Said Stiles still wrapped around him. 

“Oh man, I thought you were kidding.” Said the sheriff somewhere.

“You own me five bucks.” Said Scott.

“I never accepted that bet.” Answered Isaac.

“Even if there was a bet I would have won, I told you years ago.” Said Lydia.

“Does everyone know?” Asked Derek.

“Is a problem?”

“Everyone knows who you belong to? Not really?”

“You seems to think you are the one who’s making a claim.” Said Stiles with a devious smile before groping in the ass.

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