The way you look at me set my inside on fire

Missione 4: Quando ti sei innamorato

Rating: NSFW

Parole: 523

The hot summer breeze came through the open window caressing Stiles’ skin. A shiver run up his spine while Derek hot hands caressed him, spending some time palming his round butt.
Derek grunted in approval.
Stiles enjoyed bottoming as much as a topping, nevertheless he wasn’t used to submitting. But when Derek pushed him down, man-handing him to be face down on the bed, his shoulders down and his butt up, he couldn’t deny he was excited. The man didn’t bother with a complicated foreplay as he coated him in lube. Stiles couldn’t be more turned on. They even kept their speaking to the bare minimum, enhancing the atmosphere filled with restless lust and want.
Stiles arched his back in an invitation and the werewolf crawled forward.
He knelt behind Stiles, and moved his legs further apart. Wider. Until he was splayed like a frog, cheeks spread open. Derek covered his palm and fingers in wet and worked two fingers in right away finding his sweet spot with a precision given by a lot of practice.
Stiles let out a moan, the two fingers are inside him now, curving down wards, separating, seeking, resting against the delicate curves of his enigmatic sweet spot, teasing without giving him enough friction to be actually pleasurable.
Suddenly he took them out and Stiles realized he wanted him tight. His big girth pressed on his entrance, slowly sinking in as he clawed the sheets at the intrusion. He took it out equally slowly. He paused for a moment gripping his hips tight before pushing it down in one strong thrust.
He loved when Derek fucked him like that, hard and rough, pistoning his prostate like a drum. There was something dirty in being held down and fucked like he was nothing more than a hole.
His dick was swollen and red, ha had been already worked up long before they reached the bed thank Derek devious mind.
With a swallowed shout, Stiles came all over his legs, it goes on for fucking ever, and Derek didn’t slow down one bit fucking him trough it. He must be close as well by the way he panted in his ear, his moans keep growing until he gave a few short thrust and came deep inside him.
They collapsed on the bed in a mess.
In the hot summer night, the window is open and a voice came from outside.
“Find yourself a room!” Screamed Isaac from his room, his voice drenched in amusement.
“I think they are in their room.” Shouted back Peter from somewhere else dripping disgust.
“Than close the damn window or let’s make it a party!”
“I’m kidding Scott, I swear…Uhmmf.”
“Oh, they finally made it.” Said Stiles with a tired smile.
“It was about time, they were circling around each other for months.”
“Well, is a sacrifice, but since the pups aren’t available for the threesome, I can take one for the team.” Said Peter in the distance, his words followed by a laugh.
“I’m killing him tomorrow.” Said Derek serious while Stiles laughed.

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