The red head monster

Cow-t 10. M1B. NSFW.
Parole: 269.
Prompt: COWTverse.
Fandom: COWTverse.
TAG: Size kink. Wall sex.

Leste’s mouth watered when Rufus undressed. He was big as he suspected, Maybe the biggest he ever had, not that he was going to admit it aloud. They have been dancing around each other for so long that it didn’t come as a surprise that they made it into the room but not to the bed.

Rufus had him pinned against the door and he no time he had his face pressed on the wood and three fingers up his ass. The fingers disappeared and something bigger pressed against his rim.

“You’re ready?” Asked the red head.

Leste nodded and Rufus pushed forward bottoming out after a long thrust. “Too fucking much,” Leste muttered.

“You love it.” Was the answer.

He bit his bottom lip as he felt Rufus’ cock twitching deep inside of him, he was on his tiptoes, pushed up by Rufus’ thrusts, doing his best working through the sting of being stretched and filled until he was able to feel the pleasure seep through.

Sure hands cupped his balls and began kneading, the cock pumping in and out at a furious rate. He gasped as his shoulder was bitten and his head spun. Rufus was really intense.
He threw his head back and screamed, his cock pulsing in his hand as his seed arced upward to spatter on his chest and on the wall. His body spasmed tightly around the cock that was invading him, fucking him, and he squeezed hard, milking it as he milked himself.

They collapsed on the wall panting and after just a couple of minute Rufus grinned.

“Second round?”

“Hell yes!”


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