The broken thread

Missione 2: Tradimento

Rating: Safe

Parole: 803

The tread had been broken. Derek couldn’t do anything but look at the loose end while the ship sailed, disappearing behind the horizon.
Before Kate, everything in Derek life was laid out. He was the son of Creta’s queen, their power and their wealth was known everywhere.
His days went by quiet and eventless, but then everything changed.
She comes from the sea, beautiful as the sun; her long blond hair so foreign on the island. Derek was lost the moment he saw her. She represents the wild and the unknown.
Silly as it was Derek realized for the first time how big was the world, hearing her stories.
She said that she loved him and he was trapped, unable to tell apart his attraction for her from his desire for a different life.
Now he could tell but at the time he was blind to her ambitions.
So when the queen threw her in the labyrinth under the castle he had no second thoughts but saving her from the terrible monster which lived there.
He knew he was betraying his family but love made him clueless and in the middle of the night he escaped his room.
He came near the labyrinth with a bottle of spoiled wine. The elixir inside wasn’t going to kill them but they were going to sleep for hours.
Kate was there, hiding until the guards where deep in sleep.
With all his faith and his love, Derek handed her the red thread that was going to lead her out of the maze once he defeated the monster, and with it his destiny was left in her care.
What a fool he was.
As it was foretold Kate defeated the beast and escapes the labyrinth. Derek knew it when he heard then screaming and the rustle in the castle, but he waited faithfully for her to came and free him, hiding his joy from everyone.
As the first day passed by he told himself that she was probably waiting for the situation to calm down before risking exposure.
The second day he told himself that she probably had to prepare a safe escape for the two of them.
On the third day, he was restless. He couldn’t think of a good reason for her to stay away. The army was looking for her every way, they had to leave as soon as possible. So he took a risky decision.
During the night he went back to the maze where they met last time. She was nowhere to be seen and on the floor, Derek’s red tread was left broke in half.
Then the guards came out from the hiding places.
It was a trap.
“Derek!” Said, queen Talia. “It was you after all. When the guards told me you gave them spoiled wine I wouldn’t believe them, but that is your red tread, isn’t it?”
“How could you….” Her eyes were so hurt that Derek couldn’t stand the weight of betrayal he did and he ran away, his broken tread tight in his hand.
He ran and ran, his head empty and his heart full, until the ground stopped and it was only him in front of the sea.
A ship was leaving the island. It wasn’t Kate’s, she was probably long gone by now. But at that moment Derek could only think he was watching his first love leaving him for a new adventure.
The new day came and went while he stared at the sea, his tread floating in the wind.
He would have probably frozen there but the faith had another path in mind for him.
A hand-collected the broken end of his tread and Derek come back to his senses looking at the handsome man floating toward the cliff.
“You have been hurt.” He said. “I could feel you grieve over the noises of my party.”
Something in him made Derek open up.
“I gave her everything…” Ha managed to say, his voice hoarse from the cold and the starvation. Unable to keep speaking his eyes felt on the tread still in the man’s hand.
“I see…” He said. “You took a leap and now you don’t have a place you belong anymore.”
Derek felt a hot tear rolling down his cheek.
“Don’t cry, I promise you won’t be alone.” The man quickly tied the broke tread to his pinky finger and took his hand. “Come with me Derek, I’m Stiles. You will party forever at my side and I promise you won’t know another day of sadness.”
Derek followed him with a timid smile as they walk out the cliff. Every sorrow forgot as he stepped forward, toward the future of adventures his heart craved.

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