Missione 4: The man or the woman you desire feel the same about you

Rating: NSFW

Parole: 488


Derek really didn’t see this one coming.
Knowing that Stiles was a virgin when they first start dating he expected their relationship to be quite platonic for a while. But it’s Stiles we are talking about, and of course, he jumped on Derek as soon as he had the occasion.
It felt good to be desired as much as he wanted the boy.
But still, he couldn’t predict for the kinks to be introduced almost right away.
Derek had a think for scenting, and he couldn’t be helped but spank his lover sometimes. Stiles was on board and they had a good time.
What took him by surprise was that Stiles had a list, a literal list written down in his phone about stuff he wanted to try.
Still, this wasn’t the most surprising part.
“Ahem.” He said reading.
“What?” Stiles looked almost on edge, he smelled worried.
That Derek he didn’t like.
“It’s okay!” He burst in a hurry. “I’m just surprised that you had a list ready.”
“Hello, this is your horny teenager boyfriend on the line.”
“Right, there are a lot of costumes…”
“You are not into it?” Stiles started to fidget again and Derek tugged him closer to make him stop.
“I guess we need to try it to find out.” He said against his lips.
And for the rest of the evening, they forgot about the world.
Nothing happened for a week and Derek didn’t think about it anymore. He never really thought about role play but if Stiles wanted it he was ready to do his part.
Everything switched the moment he walked inside his loft to find Stiles inside.
“Dear!” Said his boyfriend coming out of the kitchen. ” You are home!”
He was wearing an apron.
Only an apron.
His slender legs, almost hairless disappeared under the fabric near his crotch. The cloth was barely long enough to cover his junk.
Sure it did nothing to hide his arousal.
When he turned walking back into the room Derek had the most perfect view of his round butt.
Stiles didn’t give anything away with his voice but his body language spoke volumes.
“What do you want to have first? Dinner? Bath? Me?”
Derek crossed the distance between them in the blink of an eye.
Later, when they were laying in bed covered in sweat and ‘other’ body fluids, Stiles smiled lazily.
“So, what’s your colour for role play?”
Derek wrapped an arm around him.
“Green,” he said and after a moment he added, “didn’t I busted it? I just went overdrive.”
“You kidding? I, Stiles Stilinsky, Manage to make Derek Hale lose his composture. I should write it on my curriculum.”
“Stiles…” said Derek as a warning.
“Skill: Multitasking – problem-solving – seducing werewolves.”
“Oh, crap! Did I misbehave? Maybe you should spank me, daddy…”
“Come here you little shit.”

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