Let’s talk!

Cow-t 10. M1 B. NSFW.
Parole: 300
Prompt: COWTverse.
Fandom: COWTverse.
TAG: Bondage. Power bottom.

As Leste finished strapping him down, Rufus’s breath began to speed up. He was sat and bounded at the mercy of the smaller man.
Straps went across the back of his neck, his shoulders, a third the middle of his back and finally one over his hips. Leste hadn’t been satisfied with this and had just cuffed his hands behind his back, buckled a spreader bar between his knees, then clipped it to an eyebolt in the floor. With his legs spread so far, he had no leverage to thrust up, he could just stay there, hard as a rock and powerless.
He didn’t expect this when Leste came to him with a bundle of rope and the request to try out bondage. Somehow he thought he would be the one doing the rope.
How foolish of him. Leste had him well tied and he took his sweet time sinking down on his hard cock. It felt so good inside him but he didn’t want to fuel Leste’s ego so he did his best to keep himself cold.
Of course, it was useless since his cock was a traitor.
“Aren’t you going to moan for me?” Said the smaller man smirking.
“Not… happening.” Said Rufus, his jaw tense in the effort to hold his moans.
“Too bad.” Said Leste and after another couple of bouncing, he lifted himself from his cock.
“What are you doing?” Screamed Rufus.
“Since you are not enjoying yurself I’m not forcing you…”
He made a move as he was leaving.
“Wait!” Screamed Rufus.
“What?” Asked Leste, his hand ont he doorknob.
“I… lied.” Said him swallowing his pride, he wanted to cumm too badly and Leste was capable to leave him there and send Regis and Yande to make fun of him.
“Now we talk!”

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