Let it go

Missione 4: zitti e buoni

Rating: SAFE

Parole: 722

Deanna was checking out the status of her freshly made nails when she spotted two children looking around in the shop. It was near Halloween season and the shelft where packed in costumes.
She saw hundreds of kids a day, she could barely keep herself composed near those noisy creature; but of course it was different with this two. These kids came with a smoking hot piece of man; the kind you see in TV acring in superhero movies. She saw them in the mall the past weeks, or at least she saw the father.
She had a look around but once again there was no wife in sight, only an old couple which had been looking for a gift for an hour and a young pale guy staring at a Batman mask.
“Hi sweeties,” she called after she strategically pushed forward her boobs. “Are you looking for a costume?” They stared back without answering but it wasn’t the usual shyness of kids; they looked almost…judgy. She shread the thought, they were around eleven, she was seeing things.
“Answer the lady.” Said her soon to be husband circling their shoulders. His muscles fletted like they were alive.
“I wanna be a princess!” Said a high pitched voice waking her from her daydream about those muscles and a very tight shirt.
She looked down to the girl: “Of course you want! Which princess?”
“Elsa!” Said the boy instead. “She has super powers!”
Deanna gave him a puzzled look but before she could say anything the little girl let out sort of a growl fletting her small arms.
“I’m Hulk! Hulk smash!”
Deanna open her mouth not sure what to say.
But the old couple which finally picked an horrible sweater and was now standing near the cashier was faster.
“That’s so inappropriate!” Said the old lady.
“What are you kid a sissy?” Said the man disgusted.
The hot man tensed his jaw clenching as he tooked the kid behind him.
“Oh God no!” Said the other boy apparently forgotten about the Batman mask breaking the tension. “Sissy is such a terrible role model, we talked about this!” And then the unthinkale happened. He lifted the little girl and kissed her in the head.
“Didn’t you want to be Thor?” He asked while she squirmed away from his kisses. “Daaaad, stop!”
The greek god gave them a…loving look. Then he scooped up the other child with zero effort before leaning in kissing the newcomer on the lips.
Deanna mouth dropped open while the old couple went wild.
“What the hell is this!” Shouted the man, “this is unnatural!”
The young man bursted out in a laugh. “Oh man, you know nothing about supernatural!” Then he got serious: “I mean the actual supernatural, not the show. Which you may know. If you don’t you should check it out! It’s great! Well not that great now that I think about it and don’t believe the supernatural part, that’s just made up. You know what? Forget it. If you want to see a great supernatural series there is Teen…”
“Stiles!” The man stopped the uncontrolled rambling firmly but there was smirk on his lips. The couple was speachless, they handed some money for the sweater and fled leaveing the change.
“So,” said the Stiles, whatever that was. “Which Elsa’s costume do you have? Because we don’t like the coronation dress but we can’t decide if we want to be the first movie Elsa or the second movie one.” He spitted it out without breaking a breath; and he was so serious that Deanna just stared for a moment, barely noticing the kid nodding.
“But he is a boy…” she said slowly.
Derek knew this was coming, Stiles tend to do that on people, he could almost see a bright red ERROR signal flashing in the woman mind.
Stiles’ smile didn’t buldge.
“A piece of advice…let it go.” He said with he most straight face ever. The woman didn’t get it of course. When they trailed out of the shop she was still staring with her mouth semi opened. Derek shook his head pushing away anyone else but his family. There wasn’t nothing normal about them but normal was for losers.

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