His sweet love

Cow-t 10. M1B. NSFW.
Parole: 262
Prompt: COWTverse.
Fandom: COWTverse.
TAG: Hybrids. Interspecie

Leste was the sweetest of cats. NamRufus adopted him when he was a newborn at the shelter near his house, the mother didn’t have enough milk for all of the kitten but Rufus believed in the small kitten and him hand feeder him for months.
Time proved him right and the cat grew in the beautiful boy that was now bouncing on his cock.
He couldn’t remember well when they became lovers. It came naturally to them they never spoke about it and they couldn’t be happier. Many people kept animals as lovers but they also had a relationship with humans.
Like the animals were meant only to satisfying sexual desire and not for love.
That wasn’t Rufus case of course. He loved his small kitten from the bottom of his heart. He enjoyed more than anything marking him to show his possession and he proudly wore Leste’s scratches as a badge of honour.
The cat was shy at the beginning because of he inexperience. No one could tell looking at him now as he arched his back, grinding his hips on Rufus’s, his back arched and his mouth wide open.
Rufus attacked his nipples, they were so sensitive it was a sure win, in fact, Leste screamed two minutes afterwards his cum painting their chests.
Rufus fucked into him harder, dragging the small hips up and down on his cock until he came deep inside him.
He came down from his high with Leste lapping his face and he kissed him before taking him to bed and going for another round.

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