He is mine

Missione 3: Fermata del bus deserta

Rating: SAFE

Parole: 712

Scott was pretty surprised when he saw someone on the lacrosse field. It was summer break. Since he had been bitten by a rogue werewolf some years before a lot of things changed.
The werewolf counsellor office helped him a lot to integrate back into society. The rogue was cached and the insurance paid a lot of money so their financial problems were gone.
Everything went well you could say.
But he still found himself with a lot of extra energy to burn.
He knew the guy which was training even though they only spoke a couple of time.
“Isaac.” He called.
He was tall but he always seems to try to make himself look smaller.
“Captain?” He said tentatively patting his sweat away.
“What captain, call me Scott. I can’t believe you are trying in the middle of the summer. Let’s play a one versus one, No werewolf superpowers I swear.”
He smelled surprised but he smiled at the last line.
They ended up playing for two hours. Isaac was very good once he let go of his shyness and he didn’t run out of breath like Stiles.
They barely spoke aside for some jokes and comebacks.
“Oh god.” Said Scott collapsing on the bench. He took out his shirt drinking some water. “How can you keep up with a werewolf?”
“I can’t.” He said out of breath finally. “I’m gonna die.”
“No way.” Said Scott looking at him. Isaac was also looking in his direction.
He was…checking Scott out.
He blushed and looked away.
Scott was surprised. After he became a werewolf his popularity grew so fast that he found himself surrounded by people trying to hit on him. He had a long and intense story with a girl named Allison. But she moved and they decided that they didn’t want a long-distance story.
After that, he had some one night stand but this was the first time a guy looked at him that way.
He didn’t exactly dislike either.
“Ahem…” He said clearing his voice. “It’s kind of late, do you need to go home?”
The smell of wild fear hit him so hard that he almost lost balance.
Isaac looked like a deer in front of a car.
“Isaac what…”
“Nothing! I need to go!” He tried to collect his things but Scott grabbed him as fast as he could.
“What was that.”
“Please…” said Isaac, wriggling in his grip. “It hurts.”
Scott let go of him surprised, he wasn’t holding him so tight.
They stood in silence. Isaac collected his arm against his chest his breath still heavy.
Scott approached again, like with a hurt animal, taking his hand in his and lifting the sleeve. There were bruises. A lot of them. Some older than others.
Isaac took his hand away and he covered himself.
“Who.” Said Scott simply.
“I felt.”
“I need to go.”
“Yes, we do. You are coming with me.”
“No, I can’t.”
“Yes, you can!” Scott stepped closer taking his face between his hands. “I don’t know what happened or for how long this had been going on; but it stops now. You will come with me and if someone ever even glares at you I will claw them open. You are not alone anymore, lean on me, by the law I can claim three betas in my pack. I have one and I never need more but now you are coming with me. Let me do it. You don’t have to endure it anymore.” He wasn’t good with words, now they were coming to him naturally.
Isaac eyes filled with tears. He hesitated but then he stepped forward hiding his face in Scott’s neck.
The alpha scented him feeling already their binding forming. Even with human betas, the feeling was strong. Isaac was going to be his now, may he decide to stay human or become a werewolf he was going o protect him.
It was going to be hard to explain this to his mother and there was going to be a lot of bureaucracy but for the moment he just held the boy close, forgetting the place and heat of the summer.

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