Fat angelic babies


Missione 4: Fintantoch√® siamo insieme, non importa se finiamo all’inferno o in paradiso.

Rating: SAFE

Parole: 516

“Pray that hell or heaven lets you in. Because when I’m done with you no one will recognize you or either will want to have something to do with you.”
“Judas, Brutus, John Connery. Their punishment and the eternal damnation would look like nothing compared to what I will do to you.”
“I don’t he knows who’s John Connery.”
“May the fire from the sky erase the memory of your existence from the heart.”
“Anthony J. Crowley. Now you take it too far.” Said Aziraphale his voice firm but still gentle to not alarm the creature in his arms or the poor man in front of Crowley.
“No, but, no one will be set on fire today.” The man on the floor was visibly relieved. He was big and his fake tan was fooling no one. It was the kind of man who would go in outside gyms to flex his muscles just for show.
Aziraphale wasn’t sure about what happened. He just comes back from the bathroom when he found his beloved hot-headed demon screaming at a poor soul.
“I can’t leave you alone for five minutes and you scare random people.”
“But he said that two-man together are disgusting!” Said Crowley making himself small in front of the angel. He loved him but he wasn’t going to risk angering him.
“People can think what they want dear, is exactly what free will is about. And you young man.” Said the mortal still curled on the floor. “Is true that your freedom is yours to use as you please. But you should be mindful that it ends where other’s people begin. Voicing unpopular opinion may bring you fights you can’t win with merely stereotypical appearance.”
“Not yet dear, now let’s get yourself up.” Aziraphale drags him upright with his superhuman strength. “Now blow your nose; there you go. Up you go now and behave!” The man walked away confused and finally, Aziraphale diverted his attention back to his demon.
“See dear, this is how you do it. You can solve things without cursing mortals with eternal damnation.”
“He said that our baby angel is fat.”
The temperature dropped in the mall.
“Angel, you okay?”
“Where are they?”
“Angel wait.”
“I will kill them.”
“No, angel, where did you find the flaming sword? No! Wait!”
A mysterious occurrence at the mall in the centre of London. Many people swore that an actual angel descended from the sky, speaking about same-sex marriage and fat babies for some reason.
Later today Aziraphale was still angry but his beautiful baby made him forget everything. Damien kept his eye half-closed while sucking his pacifier on verge of sleeping. His other dad, equally sleepy, refused to go to bed before his baby was curled on the sofa his long body wrapped against Aziraphale. His head lulling down following Aziraphale singing.
The baby boy was a miracle in many ways but most than anything else truly made them a family, and as long they were together nothing else mattered.

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