Different as they come

Missione 4: Zitti e buoni

Rating: SAFE

Parole: 701

The alarm woke Stiles. It was still soon but he was well aware that he needs some time to fully wake up.

Fumbling around he found his phone. The light blinded him for a second before he could see a notification.

Sourwolf 7.00


Sties smiled on the pillow. 

-Wordy as usual.- He thought.

Stiles 7.02

Have I ever been fully awake?

Sourwolf 7.05

Your sarcasm surely is.

Groaning Stiles slid out of the bed. He kept texting Derek while getting ready. Their conversation was mostly unilateral, Derek’s answers were short, almost monosyllabic, but he never missed to reply.

Stiles 8.14

The lesson is starting. See you later.

Sourwolf 8.14



FBI training was great. Stiles had to repeat that to himself every day, just to be sure that his nerves wouldn’t have the best of him. 

He was used to be the weird one. He couldn’t remember a moment in his life when he wasn’t. But it was the first he didn’t have his friends, his pack, not even Scott to have his back.

“There it comes the weirdo.” Said Johnson and his group laughed. They were the head of the program, they had everything: the look, the physic, the right parents.

Stiles only had himself. He kept walking pretending the air pod in his ears were playing music.

The day dragged. After the regular classes, there were special training courses. After Stiles got his ass kicked in three different martial arts finally he was free to go home. 

And of course, it was raining. He spent five minutes looking at the rain in an attempt to collect the energy to run.

With a sigh, he gave up and he simply walked, the rain drenching him.

When he finally reached home he left a track of wet clothes on the way to the bathroom. He pulled out the phone just to see a new message from Derek.

Sourwolf 17.38


He looked a the single word for a long time. He couldn’t pretend, not right now.

He threw the phone on the sheets in rage and walked away to have a shower.

Around one hour later Derek was staring at his phone. Stiles didn’t answer. That couldn’t be good, his wolf was on edge. They weren’t exactly a couple. They weren’t stranger either. 

He knew Stiles was attracted to him, and he planned to do something about it once the guy was back to Beacon Hills. So for now they stuck to the text. 

But in the past months, Stiles somehow turned off. He was forcing himself to sound okay but Derek could tell. And now he didn’t reply, and Derek couldn’t calm down. With a strong determination, he walked out of the room.

Stiles cam to his senses with a warm body against his. He startled but he recognized the form in front of him even before he could see him.

“Derek? What the hell man, you scared me!” 

“What’s wrong?” Said the werewolf.

“You came to Beacon Hills, three hours in a fast car to ask that, you are weird!” Said Stiles pushing himself sitting, his voice unfirm.


“I’m good! Great actually! Or I was before I found a werewolf in my bed.”

“STILES.” Derek forced him to turn, his eyes were teary. He let out a whimper before hiding his face behind his hands.

“I’m perfectly fine!” He said almost pleading.

Derek hugged him tight as his shoulders shake. When Stiles calmed down Derek wiped his tears.

“I’m moving here.” 

“What? No! Come on, you don’t need to do that for me.” 

Derek kissed him.

Stiles moaned in his mouth, but then he pushed him back.

“You stupid sour wolf, why did you kiss me while I’m like this, I look like shit.”

“You do, and I don’t care, I’m moving here.”

Stiles started crying again until he fell asleep. Derek held him the whole time. There was going to be time to correct that idea that he was worthless and now they had all the time in the world.

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