Brewing with love

Missione 4: Il farmacista

Rating: Safe ma c’è gente seminuda, sapevatelo.

Parole: 550

“Big brother, what are you doing?”
Lance smiled at the small kid. Thomas was the son of one of his regulars. His mother, Aurora, was a silent tiny woman, she always sat in the corner near the window, her favourite was the Rose cinnamon tea.
Lance didn’t know what happened to her, Thomas father wasn’t in sight, but it wasn’t his place to ask. He was just happy to offer her a safe spot to regain her energy.
“I mixing tea.” He said to the small child. “Every tea is different from another one and that comes from the ingredients.”
“Like those purple thing?”
“These are the Magrana’s leaf, they give a nice dream to good kids.”
“Really?” He was so short that he must be standing on his tiptoes, tending his neck to see better. “Mom, can we get some?”
Aurora smiled, she was so stealth that Lance almost didn’t notice her until the child called out for her.
“Thomas, are you bothering our friend?”
“He is not, did you enjoy your tea?”
“As always, your brew is so peculiar, you must have made for someone special.”
Lance accepted the compliment nodding in agreement.
“Two very special people indeed.” An unspoken conversation went between them but it went interrupted by Thomas asking to go home.
“Take this too.” Said Lance before the could leave. He handed a small bag. “Come back to tell me your dreams.” He said to Thomas winking.
Slowly everyone went home and Lance collected two mugs of rose tea on a trail before going upstairs.
He stood in the door for a moment admiring his lovers.
The room was dark as usual, Shiro was a vampire old enough to survive sunlight but he still enjoyed the night more.
He was sleeping in their massive bed, his perfect body exposed. The blanket barely covered his private parts.
Keith was sleeping as well sprawled over Shiro, the new moon was close and he went out hunting the night before to burn some energy. By the look of the fresh hickeys on his body, Shiro helped him burning the rest.
They were so beautiful that it was a shame awaking them.
But their supernatural senses were so used to his presence that it didn’t take long for them to open their eyes.
First, it came Shiro, smiling at him as he scratched Keith’s back where he liked.
Keith glanced at Lance with sleepy eyes filled with lust. His body restless near the new moon.
“I got your tea.” He said coming closer to leave the trail on the nightstand.
“The rose one? You always guess the perfect one.” Said Shiro sipping his mug.
Lance made that tea, infusing inside just a little magic to help the natural blending. It had the power to summon nostalgic memories from the past and relax the body. His hundred-year-old boyfriend especially loved it.
Keith drank his edger as well. It was one of the few things which gave him some peace at this stage of the month.
They pulled him to the bed holding him between their bodies just for the pleasure to enjoy each other company.
At that was a moment of pure perfection Lance hoped one day the rose tea would take back.

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