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Missione 3: la fermata dell’ autobus.

Rating: SAFE

Parole 3015Stiles shivered in his coat. It was freaking cold that winter and it was only November. Because of his amazing luck, they changed the buses coverage and now he had to change to get home. Of course, the bus stop was in the middle of nowhere and he had to wait at least half an hour before the next bus.
Everything was just perfect.
When he got off the bus, the unforgiving wind bit his skin.
He bolted for the coverage of the bus station. No one was around and he claimed a corner of the bench, tucking close as he could to the two walls.
It was still cold but at least he had some coverage from the wind.
Another bus came by and someone got down.
After a second Stiles realized the other person didn’t walk away. It was a guy.
He stood near the wall trying to cover from the wind as well. The bus stop had only two barriers for some reasons so it wasn’t doing anything for him. Their eyes met; Stiles didn’t say anything, he only scooted closer to the end of the bench. The guy didn’t add anything either, he just sat very close to him and they both waited in the cold.
It went on for some time. They met every day, due to the buses unpredictable schedule sometimes Stiles got there first, sometimes the other guy did. They always sat in silence listening to the music until Stiles bus came.
One evening Stiles didn’t felt like listening to the music. Scott was having an existential crisis over his crush on the new girl Allison. After a while, Stiles realize he was following the rhythm of a song mouthing the words.
But he hadn’t music in, he turned his head just to meet the other guy gaze, they share a smirk before Stiles turned fast.
The guy was handsome.
How come he didn’t notice before?
And his smile!
Stiles was so close to crashing on a stranger that he needed wise advice before it was too late.
“And you came to me?” Asked Scott the day after.
“He was speaking to me.” Said Lydia.
” But I’m his best friend!”
“And you can’t ask out to the girl who has been sitting near you the whole semester and who is just waiting for you to do the first move.”
“Wait what?”
“You heard me. Now, Stiles, if you don’t speak to him we don’t have nothing to work on.”
“I can’t randomly speak to a stranger.”
“Five dollars that is a maniac.” Said Jackson.
“Jackson!” Said Ethan.
“You can either speak to him or you can become the new Scott.”
“I’m in!” Said Aidan to Jackson.
“Aidan!” Said Ethan.
“Donkey!” Shouted Isaac turning everyone to silence. “What?” Said Isacc.
“Is your only chance, just, don’t force it, if the occasion raise don’t miss it.” Concluded Lydia.
The occasion appeared three days later.
His husband became later than him and as usually he sat close.
Stiles was listening to the random player and he saw him searching for something, after some minutes he gave up sighing warm breath, which became a small cloud in the cold.
It was now or nothing.
“Forgot your headphones?” Said Stiles taking out one of his. His voice was trembling, but it was so cold he hoped the guy wouldn’t think anything bad of it.
“Yes…” he said in a low voice that inappropriately warmed Stiles.
“Take mine?” He said blushing badly.
The guy hesitated before reaching out to grab the AirPods. he put it on and Stiles moved his gaze forward sweating like a teenager.
Of course, the universe was feeling funny and the next song up has to be Unconditionally.
Should he swap it? But it would look weird. Unable to make a decision he stared forward blushing like a teenager.
Thank God, the next up was from fall out boys and he could see the guy tapping his foot along.
They kept going without speaking until Stiles bus came.
“Thank you…” said the guy giving back the AirPods.
“Stiles.” Supplied him blushing again.
“Derek.” Said him just before the door closed.
“Derek…” repeated Stiles, rolling the name on his tongue. He liked it.
“At least we have a name if you suddenly will go missing,” said Jackson.
“You are worried for me? So you do have a heart” Stiles pretended to be surprised but he was jocking.
They went through a rough patch in high school but they were both facing self-denial and repression. Something changed after Stiles came out and Jackson ended up in some sort of unofficial relationship with Danny and Ethan.
They got drunk together a couple of times and no they keep messing with each other. Stiles was quite sure that Jackosn broke the nose of the guy who tried to bully him right before the summer, but he wasn’t going to expose him.
“I have a cousin named Derek.” Said Malia out of nowhere.
“Is never going to be hot as mine. What do I do now?” He said to Lydia.
“It was a nice move, now start greeting him, maybe small talk. You need to figure out if he is interested.”
“Right, if he is not gay everything is useless.”
“Or bi.” Said, Isaac.
“Or pan.” Said Scott.
“Or blind.” Said Aidan winning a slap from Lydia.

It went better than he expected. Greetings each other came naturally. It was even Derek who started.
They even spoke a little bit sometimes. About the weather, mainstream as it may sound, about music, as well. Turn out that Derek worked in a music store somewhere in town; he was in charge of the vinyl section.
Stiles was growing more and more enmured with the man. He looked so cool and impenetrable but on the inside, he was a softy.
He could tell.
“Don’t idealize him too much.” Said Lydia. “He is going to have some flaws at some point.”
“Sssshhh, let me daydreaming.” Said Stiles waving a and to shut her protest.
“It’s like a Disney movie.” Said Allison smiling.
“I know right?” Said Stiles.
Finally, Scott confessed and the two of them were so lovey-dovey that it was almost disgusting, but the girl was very sweet and Stiles didn’t mind sharing his best friend with her.
“I’m still worried that he is a maniac.” Said Scott.
“At least find out where he works, so we can send the police when you will disappear.” Said Jackson.
“I’m starting to think you are jealous.” Said Danny.
“What? You are jealous!” Jackson looked offended but with both of his boyfriends present, he didn’t stand a chance.
“And here we become a foursome.” Said Ethan.
“Shut up!” Said Lydia. “And you,” she said to Stiles. “We need details!”

Lydia could be as firm as she wanted but after daylight that Stiles was so worn out that he almost doze off at the bus stop. Only Derek’s bus woke him up before he could fall.
“Long day?” Said Derek taking out an earbud. They took this habit to speak wearing only one headphone. It was fun listening to each other song while they spoke. Sometimes the songs matched. They were both music nerds and they had a long conversation about it.
But that evening Stiles was so tired he end up sleeping, his head on Derek’s shoulder. The guy didn’t shift. He just held the position until Stiles bus came.
The boy burst awake looking around in confusion.
“Stiles, you bus; Run!” Derek pointed out the closing doors and Stiles bolted.
After he left, Derek noticed a glove on the floor. It was Stiles’ he collected with a smile. He will give it back the day after.

Stiles stared at his glove in Derek’s hands.
“It fell yesterday when you run.”
“Oh. Right. I slept on you. I’m sorry about that too.”
“It’s okay, you looked tired.”
“I was, thank you for this. My mother made them.” He sat but his mind was working fast. He couldn’t simply put into words how much those gloves meant to him. He had to find a way to thank Derek.

The day after Derek stared at the cup Stiles was holding.
“I said thank you. You know; per the gloves and the…pillow thing.”
Derek smiled deviously and Stiles was strike on the place.
“Does the pillows get paid in coffees?” The stunt came out of nowhere.
“Wa that a joke? Who are you.”
“Hey! I’m funny!”
They laughed together as they drank coffee. And Stiles fell in love some more.
He was so fucked.

“Looked at the bright side.” Said, Isaac. “With some luck maybe he is going to fuck you as well.”
“Isaac!” Said Kira.
“Some luck and a lot of alcohol.” Added Danny out of nowhere.
“Danny?!” Said Jackson with horror and surprise.
“Stop right now! We are not doing the same gag twice!” Said Ethan.
“Where’s Lydia?” Asked Stiles panicking. “I need advice!”
“She and Aidan disappeared some time ago.” Said Malia shrugging.
“Ouch, I didn’t need to know that.” Said Scott.
“You are going to be alright Stiles. How about you bring him coffee again today? You said he liked the cinnamon right?”
“Yeah…He said he never tried it before but he liked it a lot.” Stiles lit up. That sounded like a plan. Win the stomach win the man they said after all.

Derek appreciated it and it became their thing. They share coffee and music as they talked and waited.
At some point, Derek said that he felt bad about it and that he was going to offer Stiles dinner one of these days.
The sentence was left there as a promise and that night Stiles fell asleep with a big smile.

Of course, it was too good to be true, and it suddenly changed.
As every evening Stiles was waiting with two cups of coffee, he was lost in his thought and he didn’t realise how much time passed.
So when his bus pulled over he almost missed it.
Derek didn’t show up.
Is okay he thought maybe he was busy or sick.
He shut the small voice inside his head and bring a second cup of coffee the day after too.
And the day after that.
After a week he stopped bringing more coffee.
After two he didn’t even look up when Derek’s bus came anymore.
Derek was gone the same way he came into his life.
Now that it was over Stiles realize how stupid he had been. He was no one. It was just a random guy Derek met every day at the bus stop. They spoke but in the end, they were strangers. What was he thinking
And why was he so upset? Nothing happened, why everyone looked at him with pity.
He was okay.
Aside he was not.
When Jackson grabbed him for an arm dragging him toward his car he was so apathetic that he let him without questions.
Jackson took him home without saying a word and for some reason while he saw their bus stop passing out the window tears rolling down his cheeks.
Jackson didn’t break the silence pretending to not notice his silent cry.
When they reached Stiles house he finally spoke.
“If you happened to find out where he lives or work you have to tell me, right?” He was serious but Stiles felt so defensive suddenly that he busted out with a salty come back for no reason.
“Why? You’re going to broke his nose too?”
He waited for Jackson to drive away angry but he didn’t.
“Yes.” He answered looking calm and determined.
Stiles cried some more.

Derek was unable to cry apparently.
Everyone said it was normal but he simply couldn’t. He felt cold and empty. Spending his days staring at the floor.
His uncle sometimes came in. He to make himself home, but that wasn’t his home. It was gone. And so it was his family.
Peter tried his hardest, but with both of them sucking in expressing emotions it was useless.
He bought Derek a car. It was the best he could do. And Derek appreciated his efforts.
But he wasn’t ready to react just yet.
The keys remained on his desk untouched. Dust slowly gathered around them and they became a part of the room.
Days passed by with Peter leaving plates of food he barely touched.
One evening Derek felt more exhausted than usual. He slept a lot but he was always tired. ?
He looked around slowly to relax the tensed muscles of his neck. He spotted a mug on the table, probably Peter left it there at some point. It was probably cold but Derek needed caffeine.
The taste of cinnamon mixed with the natural aroma of coffee took him by surprise.
The mug slipped crushing on the floor. Derek looked at the coffee with wide eyes.
Suddenly every emotion which he thought lost forever came back.
Stiles didn’t know what happened. He only met Derek at the bus stop. They didn’t share a number end they had no friends in common.
He was moving to before realizing.
Down in the street, he had no idea of which one was his car. He pressed the button and a Camaro lighted up.
A fucking Camaro.
He had to thank his uncle somehow. For that and everything.
In the car, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.
He hadn’t shave for two weeks, his eyes were red and his hair wild.
He looked like a monster. Not that it mattered. The road fled under the car; probably he was going too fast.
The bus stop came into view and he finally slowed down.
Only when he was in front of the bench he looked at the clock and realised that there were at least three hours left before Stiles was coming.
He sat in their corner and waited.

Stiles was taking the bus again. Jackson tried to give him a ride and Stiles hugged him. It was so sudden that he retracted as if burn.
Thank God no one saw them.
He refused red as pepper but Jackson didn’t make it awkward, he just waved and left.
Stiles couldn’t avoid it forever.
He liked Derek. He liked him. But it wasn’t meant to be. He was going to let himself bask in auto-commiseration until their bus stop. Then once he was going to get down the bus he was going to let go of his feelings.
The time fled and soon enough he stood to get down. On the last step, he hesitated. It hurt much but he had to be strong.
With a new resolve, he lifted his eyes and he almost facepalmed on the floor.
Derek was there.
Standing as well in front of their spot as if he just got up, his body was tending to Stiles but he was hesitating.
The bus left.
“Hi…” He said tentatively.
Stiles was in confusion. It must be some sort of joke. The moment he was ready to give up on Derek he came back in his life? What was this cheesy fanfiction?
A small voice he hated right now was underling that Derek looked wrecked. But he refused to worry for him. He was wrecked as well.
Derek did that to them, he better has the best excuse ever.
He did.
Stiles felt like throwing up in front of his coffee.
Derek took him to a coffee shop in a fancy brand new car. Why did even bother taking the bus every day is he had a car like that.
Derek had also a good explanation for that.
They were sitting in a corner far from everyone while Derek told him what happened with a broken voice.
Stiles wanted to hate him. He wishes he could convince himself that Derek was lying. He was hurt ad afraid to be hurt more.
This wasn’t going to be easy.
At the same time, he felt bad for Derek who had lost his entire family but he keeps reaching for him and retracting his hand. He wanted to comfort him but at the same time, he couldn’t just forget everything.
Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. It just wasn’t the right moment for them.
“I…don’t want to lose this too.” Said Derek in the end.
“I don’t know. I can’t just forget, but it’s not your fault.” Stiles took a deep breath. “So what do we do.”
“We keep waiting for the bus together?”
“You have a fucking Camaro!”
“…right.” Derek looked out of the window, where his car was waiting for them. He looked so unfamiliar with it that it was almost comical.
“I can take you home.” He said in the end.
“Is one hour from here,” said Stiles.
“I can take you home.” He offered again without flinching.
They didn’t speak in the car. But Derek put on the music from his phone. Unconditionally rang loud and clear from the speaker.
Of course.
Somewhere the universe was laughing feeling funny.
Stiles knew those songs, they shared them. There were also some Derek didn’t have in his compilation at the beginning, he downloaded them for Stiles.
Somehow the music brings back memories, from being strangers they shared so much time.
Once home, Stiles’s heart felt lighter. They stood in front of each other passing the weight from one foot to another.
After a minute Derek simply leaned forward kissing him on the cheek.
Stiles blushed hard.
They waved nervously. Now they had each other number.
It wasn’t much. Maybe they couldn’t recover, but it was something.

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