A simple question

Missione 2

Prompt: una semplice domanda

Parole: 696


2.00 from Stiles
Should I get a bondage class?

2.05 from Scott

2.06 from Stiles
Good, you are awake. What about role play.

2.07 from Scott
Stiles, I swear to God I’ll block you if you don’t star explains.

2.08 from Stiles
It’s Derek, he is going to leave me.

2.09 from Stiles

2.10 from Scott
Stiles, Derek is all over the head for you, why can’t you see it?

2.11 from Stiles
Why can’t YOU see that he is ben so old and distant lately, I have barely seen him this week, I need to spice up our relationship.

2.11 from Stiles
You need to calm down

2.12 from Stiles
Aren’t you meeting him tomorrow?

2.13 from Stiles
Yes… it’s been so evasive. He is going to break up with me

2.14 from Scott
He won’t.

2.16 from Scott

2.17 from Scott
He won’t, please don’t overthink things.

Scott took a deep breath if only Stiles had any idea.
The sunrise found Stiles under the shower.
He barely had any sleep and now he was trying to wash out the tiredness. If he was going down he was going to do it with a boom.
He spent the long sleepless hours of the night putting together his best outfit, may Derek regret every life choice he ever took.
A tight shirt paired together with the grey skinny jeans he just bought pushed him up all in the right places. Last-minute he took the plaid red shirt, his favourite, it didn’t do anything for his look but he felt comfortable in it.
God knew he needs comfort.
Derek nod at him with a grunt when he got in the Camaro. This behaviour always made him smile at beginning of their relationship, he felt Derek shyness under the layers of his silence.
Now it only felt like cold.
He turned on the radio when the silence became too loud. He left his mind wandering far away as the landscape run away out of the window.
He was so lost in his thoughts he came back to reality abruptly when the car stopped.
The cold hair calmed is nerve a little. He was resigned as he followed Derek in the forest.
At least here no one would hear him crying.
“Stiles…” said Derek, his voice somehow broken.
Stiles turned away feeling broken as well. He just wished it was over already.
“This is the place where we first met.” Said Derek but he barely heard him at this point.
“That’s why I took you here to ask you a simple question.”

Let’s break up, come on, get over with it.

“Do you want to marry me?”
Stiles turned so fast he tripped, Luckily two strong arms cached before he could faceplant in the ground.
“You okay?” Said the fucking man of his life with a worried look.
“Youdontwanttobreakup?” Blabbed Stiles, steamy hot tears rolling down his cheeks.
“What? Wait break up? Where did you take the idea.” Gentle hands whipped his cheeks. Stiles was shaking, his finger hooked to Derek shirt as he was afraid it was a dream.
“You have been so distant lately.”
Derek looked away. He seemed…embarrassed.
“I was worried I may blow it out. I have been waiting for so long that I…” He couldn’t finish, suddenly he was very busy kissing Stiles.
Not that he was complaining. He lifted his boyfriend from the ground to have him close and Stiles’ legs found their place around his hips.
“Yes…” Said Stiles against his mouth.
Derek kissed him again.

2.00 from Stiles

2.01 from Scott
There you are. Finally, I was wondering what happened to you guys

2.01 from Scott
On second thought I don’t want to know.

2.02 from Stiles
Are you ready to be my best man?

2.03 from Scott
Imma cry

2.04 from Stiles
Me too, maybe Derek can comfort me

2.05 from Scott
Go get him, bro!

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