A game for two

Cow-t 10. M1B. NSFW.
Parole: 262.
Prompt: COWTverse.
Fandom: COWTverse.
TAG: Orgasm denial. Blow jobs.

That weekend Rufus literally kidnapped Regis, he liked coming out from nowhere pressing the other man against a hard surface and have his way with him, but this time he took it to another level. He dragged him in the cabin in the wood, Regis not even knew about its existence and proceeded to tease him for days. He came close, touched him until he was hard and then left, forbidding him to relieve himself.

Like now, he was kneeling between his legs, pressing his lover against the wooden table in the middle of the kitchen.

He pulled out and licked the sweat from the crease of Regis’ tight. He pinned Regis’ hands to the table and leaned over, pressing his legs wide apart and licked at the tip of his cock. Licked until Regis’was on verge of exploding, and the slit widened a fraction. Then he pulled him from the table and set him on his feet. He held Regis, which was shaking aroused, loosely around the waist when he pressed close, cock digging into the top of his tight. He kissed him lightly and then he whispered lowly. “After breakfast.”

Regis was left there, his cock striking red, his knees week and Rufus went back to cooking breakfast. He could stroke himself to competition, he was so close that it wouldn’t take long and he was sure that Rufus wouldn’t stop him.

He hesitated for a long moment but then he sighed and tucked his painful erection back inside his trousers.

It was a game and he aint’ gonna loose.

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